The Definition of Good Is God

By: Michael Stevens

November 2022

“Good and upright is the Lord; Therefore He teaches sinners in the way.” 

— Psalms 25:8, New King James Version 

Some years ago, I decided to do a Bible study on the goodness of God. I began to search the Scripture to find the definition of “good.” I sat down with the Holy Spirit and began to go over scripture after scripture. Many years ago, I learned that we should always allow the Holy Spirit to read the Word to us. He is always reminding us about Jesus and who we are in Christ, and He gives us revelation for more.  

After some time, the Holy Spirit told me that the definition of good is God. He is good, and all goodness comes from Him. It was so simple. I was looking for this definition for my head, and God was giving me revelation for my heart. 

“Oh, taste and see that the Lord is good; Blessed is the man who trusts in Him!” 

— Psalms 34:8, NKJV 

God’s goodness is not a theory; it is an experience. We were created to receive, experience, and give His goodness to others. In Psalms 34:8, it tells us to taste and see that the Lord is good. You first must taste so you can see. God wants us to experience and live in His goodness. What we believe about God influences how we think, speak, and live. Our beliefs impact how we approach God and how we share Him with others.  

Psalms 25:8 describes and reveals God as good and upright. Good is who He is and what He does. His Word is good. His actions are good. His thoughts toward us are good. God is “upright,” meaning He does what is right and good all the time. He is the author of good. We could never exaggerate God’s goodness. The reason we have a relationship with God right now is because He is good to us. He sent good to earth—Jesus. 

Rejoice in this truth today: that God is good to you all the time. His goodness is working in you, for you, and through you. The definition of good is God.