Connect Through Community

Greg Mohr and Andrew Wommack discuss the importance and benefits of joining ARMI

ARMI began with a desire to minister to Ministers. And has grown to be much more. The beauty of joining ARMI is that together we’re building a relational community of ministers. It’s a community supporting each other and encouraging one another. Although ministers can’t always speak freely about ministry issues with their people, ARMI is a safe place to come together and share concerns, receive support, and access resources.

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The Beauty of Joining ARMI

The Third Great Awakening

In this video Greg Mohr and Andrew Wommack discuss Andrew’s experience on March 5 during the worship service at The Encounter in Oklahoma City. The Lord spoke to him, saying, “Some of the young people in this service will one day be telling the young people of their day about what it was like to be a  part of the Third Great Awakening.”

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What Makes Us Strong.

ARMI is unlike other ministries, as it is backed by a wealth of teaching and focuses on bringing you into a community you can rely on.


    • ARMI is divided into regions, each headed by a Regional Leader. These leaders provide encouragement and support through phone calls, organizing gatherings, Zoom calls, and more.


    • You will be connected with other ministers in your area in a network of support and prayer. Numerous events both locally and internationally offer opportunities to meet and connect with others as part of the same team, in committed fellowship.

Equipping you for success

    • A great worker is enhanced by great tools. Your ministry will be empowered by additional learning opportunities and teaching materials, all to help you reach the vision that God has placed in your heart.

Balanced ministry of grace and faith

    • The message of grace and faith is inherent in everything ARMI and AWM do. We want to make it known that God loves you and is not angry with you. God’s blessing doesn’t need to be earned, and His unconditional grace is on you always.

Our connection to Andrew Wommack Ministries

    • ARMI is an important branch of AWM and as such is supported by the full weight of our catalog of teachings. Andrew Wommack has been sharing God’s truth for decades, and all that knowledge is part of ARMI’s foundation, informing and enriching ARMI membership.

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Proverbs 27:17

What Others are Saying

“No man’s an island. You cannot do what God’s called you to do on your own; you need like- minded people who can talk to you and fellowship with you. That’s just such a wonderful benefit, just invaluable. We don’t have to reinvent the wheel. We don’t have to fight and make our own road map. We can get somewhere by following people who have already been there, and that just makes things so much easier. The journey is so much more fun when there are other people on it with you. I love being part of A.R.M.I. I love the benefits of it, and I recommend it to anybody.”

Ben Conway

Lead Pastor, Tree of Life Family • Dagenham, Essex, United Kingdom

“ARMI has had an amazing impact on our lives and Christian walk. To be in an organization of like-minded ministers is invaluable. My wife appreciates the fact that ARMI does not neglect the ladies and wives of its members. An example of this has been her friendship with Janice Mohr.

ARMI is truly family. There are several members that I consider to be the best of friends. We truly believe that ARMI is one of the finest minister’s organizations on the planet and we are honored to be a part.”

Chris & Jennifer Barhorst

Executive Regional Advocates, ARMI

“Sunday at church an ARMI member gave a testimony of becoming free from a works mentality. They always felt they had to do things for God to earn His pleasure. They began taking the free classes (4 per year). After 2 + classes (Arthur Meintjes, The essential Truth; Lawson Perdue, The Book of John; Barry Bennett, Healing).

They said, ‘He works in us until the transformation brings everlasting fruit and you will never be the same.’ They said that Lawson’s teaching opened the door so the others could be revealed. Let’s keep encouraging ARMI members to receive these gifts and grow.”

Nancy Thompson

“Since joining ARMI, Terrilyn and I have met some real lifelong friends. It’s so amazing to have such a supportive, fun, authentic group of men and women who love Jesus, have your back, and continue to push you forward into Gods plan for your life. We are extremely grateful for the relationships we are building with our ARMI family.”

Phreddie & Terrilyn Minnifield

“I joined ARMI shortly after it was organized. I attended my first ARMI meeting in Woodland Park in 2015. It was much like a ministers Conference. Since that time I have made lasting relationships with many wonderful people. We all need fellow ministers and mentors in our lives to fulfill the plan of God.

We have our local fellowships, monthly zooms for mentoring, as well as our annual ARMI meeting in Woodland Park. Along with many other great benefits thanks to Andrew and Jamie’s heart to help fellow ministers. This journey can be hard when walking alone. I would encourage anyone in ministry to be a part of this great opportunity. Thanks for all you do!”

Bruce Brown


Meet Our Team

Portrait of Pastor Greg Mohr

Greg Mohr
A.R.M.I. Ministry Ambassador

Greg is a staff instructor at Charis Bible College, conference speaker, author of several books and served as Senior Pastor of River of Life Church in Decatur, TX for 24 years. He's a Rhema Bible Training Center grad and earned a master’s in Leadership from Southwestern Christian University. Greg is married to his best friend, Janice — they have four children and twelve grandchildren.

Portrait of Sharon Rich

Sharon Rich
Manager of Pastoral Relations

Sharon Rich is an author, business professional, and former CFO and Finance Director of Andrew Wommack Ministries and Charis Bible College (2015–2020). Sharon earned a master's in business administration and degrees in accounting and business management. Married to LaMont Rich since 1988, together they serve as Managers of Pastor Relations for AWMI/Charis.

Javan Smith Jr.
Assistant Director
of A.R.M.I. Operations

Javan Smith graduated from Kennesaw State University in 2007 with a degree in International Affairs.  After earning his college degree, Javan studied at Charis Bible College of Atlanta.  In 2010, Javan married his wife Dorareg (Dora), who is originally from Mexico.  Together Javan and Dora spent the next twelve and a half years in full-time ministry, serving as the executive pastors of The Solid Rock of Atlanta.  In 2017, Javan and Dora launched Javareg Ministries, a teaching ministry through which God opened the door for them to minister in multiple countries across three different continents.  Because they are both bi-lingual, Javan and Dora have been able to minister extensively in both English and Spanish.   Recently, both were hired to serve on the A.R.M.I. Team.  Javan is now the Assistant Director of A.R.M.I. Operations.

Portrait of John Essy

John Essy
Director of Operations

John Essy has served in the local church in nearly every capacity. He planted and pastored a church from 2012 until 2019 when he came to work for Andrew Wommack ministries. He graduated from Charis bible college in 1999 and has ministered the Gospel all over the world. John has been married for over 35 years to his lovely wife Leslie and they have raised three fantastic children.

Portrait of Stephanie Johnson

Stephanie Johnson
Manager of ARMI & CEM Program

Stephanie served in the U.S. Army for 21 years. She earned a bachelor’s in project management from Bellevue University. A 2014 Charis graduate, she now serves as the ARMI/CEM Manager. She has served and walked alongside pastors for over 16 years in the areas of church administration, finance, and hospitality. Stephanie has two amazing adult children and two precious grandchildren.

Portrait of Dora Smith

Dora Smith
Administrative Assistant II

Dorareg (Dora) Rebekah Smith is originally from Mexico, where she grew up in a pastoral family.  In 2007, Dora graduated from the University of Guadalajara with a degree in Business Administration.  After she married Javan Smith in 2010, she moved to Atlanta, Georgia, and there she studied at Charis Bible College of Atlanta.  A few years after her graduation from CBC Atlanta, she and her husband launched Javareg Ministries, through which God opened doors for them to minister in multiple countries across three different continents.  Dora has now joined the ARMI team to serve as Administrative Assistant to the Director of A.R.M.I. Operations.

Portrait of Lamont Rich

LaMont Rich
Manager of Pastoral Relations

LaMont Rich is a Pastor, worship leader, song writer and artist who has served full-time in these ministry areas since 1996. He started serving with Andrew Wommack Ministries in 2009 by leading worship at conferences and events. He and his wife Sharon currently serve as the Pastoral Relations Managers for AWMI & Charis Bible College.

Portrait of Jessica Dunlap

Jessica Dunlap
Events Coordinator

Jessica’s life was completely transformed as a student at Charis Bible College, graduating from the Global Training School in 2020. She became a part of the ministry in 2017 and has most recently served on the Conferences and Events team where she has had the opportunity to oversee each event and build relationships with other teams throughout the ministry.

David Metcalfe

Executive Director of ARMI

Portrait of Pastor Greg Mohr

Greg Mohr

ARMI Ministry Ambassador

Portrait of Dora Smith

Dora Smith

Executive Assistant to the Executive Director of ARMI

Javan Smith Jr.

Manager of Member Relations

Portrait of Jessica Dunlap

Jessica Dunlap

Manager of Communications and Events