Start Church

Andrew Wommack Ministries and the Association of Related Ministries International are excited to announce our partnership with StartCHURCH. StartCHURCH is a company whose goal is “to be a voice to the Body of Christ by educating and empowering men and women of God not only to start their churches, but also to run and manage them better.” A.R.M.I. is providing its members access to StartCHURCH, along with a series of webinars, to help both established and new ministers and church leaders understand government and nonprofit regulations. The webinars will cover topics such as the government’s relationship to churches, strategies to protect assets, writing church bylaws, IRS regulations, setting up a 501(c)(3), legal ordination, self-employment tax exemption, and more.

Stay tuned for more details on the webinars, which will be provided at no cost to A.R.M.I. members. You can learn more at To find out more about StartCHURCH, go to

When contacting StartCHURCH, please ask for Nathan Camp. Having experience as a church planter and staff pastor, Nathan brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to the StartCHURCH team through his role as Vice President of Strategy. He desires to see churches and ministries equipped and inspired to pursue the dreams that God has put in their hearts. Through his role at StartCHURCH, Nathan has helped over 1,000 churches get started and he never tires of seeing the look of joy on pastors’ faces when they are empowered to start right and stay right.

Nathan lives in Lawrenceville, GA with his wife Lisa. He has 3 wonderful children and a very co-dependent chocolate lab named Mac.

Nathan Camp, CEO


Phone: (770) 638-3444 ext. 106