Start Church

StartCHURCH –  Start, Run, and Manage Your Church with a Team of Experts

Andrew Wommack Ministries and the Association of Related Ministries International are excited to announce our partnership with StartCHURCH. StartCHURCH is dedicated to meeting the needs of pastors and ministry leaders who envision making a difference in their communities. They are committed to helping established and new ministers and church leaders with government and nonprofit regulation, strategies to protect assets, writing church bylaws, IRS regulations, setting up 501(c)(3), legal ordination, financial management, self-employment tax exemption, and more. Over the last 20 years, they have helped thousands of churches and ministries and are on a mission to help the Body of Christ win this world. 

When contacting StartCHURCH, please let them know you are an A.R.M.I. member to receive exclusive discounts on the StartCHURCH services and products. To find out more about the benefits of A.R.M.I members visit