Spark a Wildfire  

By: Patty Avila

October 2022

But how can people call on him for help if they’ve not yet believed? And how can they believe in one they’ve not yet heard of? And how can they hear the message of life if there is no one there to proclaim it?

Romans 10:14, The Passion Translation 

God asked me to picture a wildfire. Images quickly came to mind as I recalled the news coverage of the devastating fires last summer. 

But I sensed that He didn’t want me to just scroll through snapshots in my head. Instead, I was to visualize a wildfire’s potential—its overtaking power. These raging infernos do not take much to start and do not take long to spread. 

As I visualized, I realized that a wildfire has no boundaries. It stops at nothing and violently consumes everything in its path. And before you know it, it is out of control. 

I then sensed the Lord say to me, “Whenever you speak words out of your mouth, you have the power to start a wildfire. You don’t need matches, a lighter, charcoal, or wood. All you have to do to create a spark is to speak.” 

Friend, every time you speak, visualize a wildfire. An unstoppable force lives within you; your words have the power to bring healing to the hurting and hope to the broken—powerful words that give courage to the timid, love to the abandoned, and power to the leader. 

Proverbs 18:21 says that death and life are in the power of the tongue. Similarly, the book of James speaks of the tongue being a small member of the body, yet it carries great power within it. Just think about how a small flame can set a huge forest ablaze (James 3:5–6). Even just a flicker of an aptly spoken word can change the course of a life, a city, or a nation.  

Wildfires take off with a vengeance to destroy everything in their path. When we speak God’s Word, it demolishes anything unholy, unjust, and unrighteous in its way. We have the backing of our Father when we speak His holy Word. 

His Word is not only His consuming fire. It is oursas well. He has empowered our voice—made a covenant with us—to minister all that He has to say. Meditate on that! Know it and believe it. 

The roar of a culture without Christ, unfortunately, has a deafening effect toward the things of God. Our covenant means God is with us, giving volume to our voice. But we need to open our gates (mouths). 

His Word is His truth. His Word is our sword. As we speak with our God-given authority, power is unveiled. It is powerful to save. Use your words to set a life-giving wildfire! 

What if everything we said communicated the truth of who God is to those around us? What if we told those whom God so loves how He sees them? 

Saying something as simple as “God has blessed you with such creativity” can equip a coworker to strive for excellence in everything he or she does. Magnifying a young girl’s strengths and talents—her God-given uniqueness—can instill worth and confidence. Saying “I love you” or “Jesus is madly in love with you” can squelch thoughts of unworthiness. 

Words pack a holy punch when spoken in love, and in turn, they can empower a person to pursue love and give love. Whatever situation you find yourself in, regardless of what you see with the natural eye and no matter what you hear, you have the authority to speak. 

Speak life as you stand believing for healing, for improved financial situations, etc. Boldly proclaim His promises to your children and grandchildren. Use bridge-building words to help unify marriages. Declare restoration in struggling relationships. Speak against any demonic attacks that may be facing your home. 

You are not a grasshopper. You have a voice. You have the authority to speak His Word. And you have His guarantee on that! 

So how will you communicate your words today? Will you deliver life to those around you? Will you speak holiness into fiery situations that seem out of control? The enemy has a voice but not the final say: 

May all who want to take my life be put to shame and confusion; may all who desire my ruin be turned back in disgrace

Psalms 40:14, New International Version 

Your words go the distance—so much farther than you can think!